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2020 Club Results

Due to COVID-19, all interclub and National competitions were cancelled. Well done to all our members that competed at the COVID safe QLD zone and state individual and team competitions in 2020.

Maroon Jnr Zone Placegetters

1st Heidi (5)

1st Olivia (10)

2nd Riley (10)

2nd Violet C (13)

2nd Bella (14)

3rd Leila (8)

3rd Kayla (9)

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 9.42.55 pm.png

1st 13-14s Teal
2nd Novice Ladies
2nd 15-1st Yrs
2nd 11-12s Pink
2nd 9-10s Pink
4th Intermediate Ladies
4th 9-10s Blue
4th 7-8s Red
5th 5-6s

QLD A Grade Team Results

QLD State Placegetters

3rd Emily (10)

3rd Samantha (12)

3rd Sophie V (14)

4th Elise (14)

5th Isabella E (10)

5th Emma (14)

1st Sophie (14)
2nd Emily (10)
4th Olivia (10)
4th Kayla (9)
4th Ainsley (Open Ladies)
4th Lauren (1st Yr)
5th Aja (15)

QLD State Finalists

Ella (15)

Taylor (Novice Snr)

Lyndsey (Open Snr 21-22)

Pippa (Open Snr 19-20)

Katie (Open Snr 19-20)

Kirrilee (Open Ladies U33)

Sally (Beg. Ladies)

Katie (Novice Ladies)

Lyn (Open Ladies O50)

Leila (8)

Bella (9)

Riley (9)

Sam (12)

Violet (13)

Emma (14)

Bella (14)

Elise (14)

McKinley (15)

2019 Club Results

Maroon Zone Placegetters

1st Jemima (Novice Ladies)
1st Pippa (Novice Senior)
1st Emily (9)
2nd Irini (2nd Yr)
2nd Lauren (15)
2nd Aja (14)
2nd Sophie V (13)
2nd Olivia (9)
2nd Calista (8)
2nd Olivia (7)
3rd Maddie (14)
3rd Bella (9)
4th Laine (1st Yr)
4th Sophie B (13)
4th Violet C (12)
4th Annaliese (10)
4th Kayla (8)
4th Tilly (6)
5th Caitlyn (13)
5th Erin (11)
5th Jemma (10)
5th Maddison (9)

Repechage Placegetters

1st Ella (14)
5th Riley (9)

National Finalists

Jemima (Novice Ladies)
Shenae (Open Snr 21-22)
Irini (2nd Yr)
Taylor (2nd Yr)
Lauren (15)
Maddie (14)
Ella (14)
Sophie V (13)
Annaliese (10)
Jemma (10)
Emily (9)
Olivia (7)

National Placegetters

3rd Laine (1st Yr)
4th Peyton (15)
4th Aja (14)
4th Olivia (9)

QLD A Grade Team Results

1st & State Champions 2nd Yr Seniors
1st & State Champions 13-14s Orange
2nd 15-1st Yrs
2nd 11-12s Pink
2nd 9-10s Orange
3rd 13-14s Pink
3rd 11-12s Blue
3rd 9-10s Pink
3rd 7-8s Red
4th Novice Ladies Rubies
4th 7-8s Coral
4th 5-6s Green
4th 5-6s Pink
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