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✰ Term 1 for 2023 begins Tuesday 7th of February ✰


✰ Classes are determined by age as at 31 August 2021 ✰


✰ We offer 2 free trial lessons for all new members ✰

✰ 3 - 4 Years ✰

Our popular 3-4yr class allows the girls to wiggle, dance and learn movement to music. These fun classes are designed to introduce the fundamentals of Physie focusing on posture, co-ordination, spatial awareness, concentration & left/right discrimination. Lots of age appropriate music, dress up days and props are used to show the girls creativity and imagination.

✰ Junior and Senior ✰

In these classes girls are taught the BJP Syllabus. A new syllabus is introduced each year so all girls learn the same from the start. The routines consist of modern dance styles including hip hop, ballet, jazz & contemporary all choreographed to modern music. 


The age appropriate syllabus develops the girls muscle control, core strength, balance, posture, flexibility & fitness, keeping the girls entertained all year long. Girls are taught the correct way to warm up and stretch before each lesson and are guided to grow and reach their full potential, to work as a team, to respect each other and to make new friends.

✰ Ladies ✰

Ladies classes focus on fitness and a healthy body through exercise and dance routines. Physie helps with fitness, improves muscle control, builds core strength and assists with posture and flexibility. Physie tones and shapes your body. A new syllabus is introduced each year where all ladies develop their skills and fitness together from the start.


So whether you have done Physie or any form of exercise or dance before then come along and join our fun and social classes. Physie is taught in an easy step by step basis. Even the newest lady will feel comfortable. This is your opportunity to meet new people whilst getting fit at the same time. Isn't it time you did something for yourself? 


Physie is a wonderful sport that mothers can share with their daughters, so bring your daughter along and come join the club with her.


3-4 Years: Club leotard and tutu (Included in registration fee)
5-12 Years: Leotard (Bike pants can be worn over the top)
13-Ladies: Leotard or bike pants/tights with form fitting singlet or crop top

No loose shorts, baggy t-shirts, school uniforms or dresses are to be worn to class.

✰ What to Wear? ✰

✰ Yearly Fees 

Yearly fee split up into 3 seperate instalments.

Pay in full options available.  
Annual club & BJP registration fee per member.

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